2014 FM Parts 1 & 2 Dates and Locations Announced!

One-Day Training
An Introduction to Fascial Manipulation:
Treat the Cause of Myofascial Pain


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Have you ever considered that the area of complaint for chronic pain may be a painful compensation due to a previous injury proximal or distal from the pain?  The problem remains chronic because the painful area is treated over and over again instead of paying attention to the altered kinetic chain.
Fascial Manipulation© (FM) will teach you how to evaluate the fascial system to determine how to remove the original cause of the patient's compensatory present complaint.  Research is proving that the fascial system is the most important "connective" tissue in the body.

There is no other course in the world of soft tissue that has the amount of research to back it up than Fascial Manipulation.  Four years ago, Dr. Warren Hammer, MS, DC, DABCO, introduced Fascial Manipulation into the United States with Stefano Casadei, PT and Antonio Stecco, MD.  FM has been taught in Europe for the past 16 years and is now taught on six continents.  The originator of Fascial Manipulation is Luigi Stecco, PT. His textbook Fascial Manipulation, Practical Part, has been translated into 7 languages.

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    pubmed.com  (insert  Stecco,C or Stecco, A).  

The one-day class will explain that fascia is a sensory organ. If it's dysfunctional, muscles and nerves are affected and incoordination will occur.  Fascial knowledge truly explains why most of us are just accidents waiting to happen.

During the class, you learn:

  • The fascial system is much more than a static, structural support for the body. It's an organ of connective tissue that senses and connects every organ, blood vessel, nerve, lymph vessel, muscle and bone.
  • Past injuries, or surgeries causing fascial restrictions may be responsible for compensations responsible for chronic complaints often distal from the original trauma.
  • A therapeutic effect occurs when using functional testing and palpation to accurately determine the treatment of fascial deformation (densifications).
  • A combination of Eastern and Western medicine, which shows where the acupuncture points are located in the fascial system.


2014 Dates and Locations (click to register):

February 8

February 15

March 1

March 15
Boston (Dedham)

March 22
Davis, CA

March 29
Stamford, CT

Join us and learn the latest information on the fascial system and how to apply it to your patients. 

-- Warren Hammer DC, MS, DABCO

Interview with Dr. Hammer on soft tissue